Our vehicles are the most obvious evidence that Swartz Ambulance Service is at work in your community.  In addition to providing medical care, we are at work in many other ways.  As a company, Swartz Ambulance Service is known as a contributor to the communities we serve. Our company sponsors many events throughout the community, including charity raffles, senior center activities, the local arts, and much more.  In addition to direct sponsorships, each year we provide coverage for high school football games, community parades, The Crim road race, various elementary and high school career fairs and events.

Sometimes we’re teaching CPR or other life-saving skills. Other times we’re simply giving a child a tour of an ambulance and answering their questions. Simply stated, Swartz Ambulance Service “Cares.”  As involved community partners, we believe that the more we participate in the community during non-emergency situations, the more we can prevent an emergency from occurring in the first place.

At all times the community knows that we’re committed to them. Visit us on Facebook to view photos from community events.

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