Leadership Team

Untitled design-10Jeff Lewis, Vice President of Operations

Jeff was first hired July 1, 1983 after taking his EMT class at Hurley Medical Center. Jeff has been very versatile in his 32+ years with the company, working the road when the company was located at 3rd Avenue and Garland Street near downtown Flint. He dispatched for a number of years, became Dispatch Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Director of Operations into his current position as Vice-President of Operations. What he likes best about EMS is having been there to watch EMS evolve and improve in every aspect of patient care and technology over the years. He has special feelings about the family atmosphere here at Swartz Ambulance and believes wholeheartedly in the company and his staff.

Jeff and his wife Chris have 4 children and 7 grandchildren and live in Grand Blanc. His likes to spend his off time dedicated to his family. Jeff can be contacted at 810-239-2103 or at jlewis@swartzambulance.com.



Untitled design-9Alex Boros, Performance Improvement & Education Manager

Alex started his career in EMS while he was still attending Davison High School working as a dispatcher for Davison Area Ambulance in 1982. That same summer he became an EMT and began his full time career at Swartz Ambulance when the service was still located at 3rd Avenue and Garland St.  He became a Paramedic in 1987 attending Lansing Community College and ventured out his career to gain some life experience. He started his EMS Management career in 1993 over on the west side of the State where he also became an Instructor-Coordinator. He came back home to Swartz in December of 2011 where he plans to retire from some day and holds the current position of Performance Improvement and Education Manager.  When asked what he likes best about EMS his response was; “When someone you helped take care of comes back later to visit to say thank you!”  He would like to end his career someday retiring, knowing that he made a difference.

Alex lives in Davison and has one child who is married and has two grandchildren that he loves to go camping with.  Alex can be contacted at the office 810-239-2103 or at aboros@swartzambulance.com


Untitled design-11Rachel TerBush, Administrative Director

Rachel began her EMS career in 1998 as an ambulance biller. She came to Swartz as the Assistant Billing Manager in 2009. She became a Certified Ambulance Coder taking the program through the National Academy of Ambulance Coding. She is currently the Billing Manger and has held that position since 2012. Rachel enjoys her job as billing manager and appreciates the family like atmosphere here at Swartz.

Rachel has two children and lives in Lapeer and spends much her off time with her family and friends. She also and loves to read and SHOP!  Rachel can be contacted at 810-239-6109 or at rterbush@swartzambulance.com.